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Battery Type Temperature DAQ

GSAS - Karthick


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Hello @GSAS - Karthick.

Digilent does not offer a battery powered data acquisition module for temperature measurements. 

The following links are for our non-battery powered temperature DAQs.






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@GSAS - Karthick

Depending on your geographic region, your application, and whether the non-battery powered DAQs  mentioned by @Fausto require a computer, you could consider a portable power solution, such as the following.


A more economical solution might be the following ...

You could consider the thermocouple hat for the rpi. (MCC could answer questions whether this is actually appropriate for your application.)


It is possible to add battery power to the raspberry pi so this is a possible route to meet your needs.

Just some quick thoughts on possibilities to explore. You'll want to coordinate with MCC to make sure anything you come up with actually work before making an investment.

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