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Zedboard Can Mio Pin Routing



Hi all, 


I've got can4linux installed and apparently working. I'm using the Digilent linux kernel, and cannot figure out how to route the CAN_H and CAN_L out to pins I can access. 


Apparently you can reroute the CAN pins with a GUI in Vivado, but I can't see the comparable way in linux. 


Anyone know how to do this? Example?




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I don't think you will be able to do this in Linux directly. If my limited experience of Zynq is correct you will need to build a new FPGA configuration file (a.k.a. bitstream) that is then used to configure the MIO pin mappings (as well as the rest of the FPGA too).

I don't have a great level of experience with the Zynq, so please don't take this as being 100% correct! Maybe somebody else can confirm?

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