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USB-PDSIO8 - Used as GPI/O Device on Windows PC



We're using a USB-PDSIO8 as a GPI/O device in our broadcast environment. It triggers a command in a software program and provides status using a relay output.  We had to upgraded the server that this is running on and previous engineers didn't provide any documentation as to the configuration or setup.

The device has power, but the USB led is solid green. We have two of these, one on a primary server, and another on the backup. Fortunately I had my team replace the backup first. This is the one in question. On the primary, the USB led is flashing. Indicating activity. I don't see any obvious services or applications running to control or read status of the PDSIO8.  Does anyone have any idea what I'm missing?

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I am sorry, but I don't understand the question. I am under the impression that you have working software and that the previous unit stopped working. If the new unit is recognized by the InstaCal program, then your existing software should be able to control it. We also have a free software called DAQami that can be used to test it. 

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