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Z7 zmod 1410 adc external trigger use


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I have a digilent eclypse z7  card and connected zmod adc1410-105 to it. I write software in the cpp language on petalinux using the default bsp provided .

I want to use the zmod adc 1410 library.

From this library I want to use a function called “acquireTriggeredPolling “In order to offer a reading of 4 kilobytes of data that is sampled cyclically every 10 milliseconds, the goal is to start sampling according to an external trigger.

1- Which input should I connect the external trigger to?

2 - How do I integrate (if required) this input through the software in order to use it as a trigger in the function I mentioned

3 - Are changes in bsp required?

4-Is 3.3 volts the correct voltage for the trigger?



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Hi @Moshe_va, welcome to the forums.

acquireTriggeredPolling makes use of trigger hardware built into the AXI controller IP in order to detect signal conditions on either scope input channel; it doesn't accept external triggers.

An external trigger could be brought into the FPGA PL through a Pmod port - in which case it would need to be LVCMOS3V3 compatible. If you need hardware timing for it, then the AXI controller for the Zmod ADC and zmodlib sources would need manual modification, and the FPGA image and Petalinux image would need to be rebuilt.

If you don't need hardware timing, you could potentially use an AXI GPIO or an EMIO GPIO connected to a Pmod port, with or without an interrupt - the FPGA image would still need rebuilt, and drivers for whichever GPIO was used would need to be represented in Petalinux. In this situation, the Zynq PS would detect a GPIO event and manually trigger an acquisition, using acquireImmediatePolling.



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