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Hello & Help

Jim Presley



I have a question?



I have a USB-3104 Unit and DasyLab 2020 Software


I am trying to set it up so that it will read the yellow filled cells in the attached Excel Spreadsheet and send the exact value out as a 4-20 mAmp Signal to the process unit via a 100 ft cable.


I am totally lost on how to do that.


Could I get an idiots version of a step by step procedure to set up the DasyLab and configure it to do this.





Jim Presley

Data Example FID.xlsx


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Hello @Jim Presley.

Welcome to Digilent's Forum.  Thank you for posting your support request on the MCC sub-forum, where it will be updated once we have investigated the request.  Please submit any additional information regarding your request in that post, not this one.




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