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How to update yocto SDK in Genesys ZU 5ev petalinux project from Zeus to latest yocto SDK's (honister) for ZynqMP?




We are using Genesys ZU-5ev (zynmp soc) board. We did build project using genesys git link https://github.com/Digilent/Genesys-ZU-OS/tree/5ev/master

We want to update yocto version to latest yocto like honister or kirkstone.

Please provide any inputs how to upgrade yocto version on existing genesys project? Which configuration file genesys project should be changed to upgrade the yocto SDK to latest supported yocto version?

Please help!




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To upgrade the Yocto version on your existing Genesys ZU-5ev project, you will need to modify the Yocto configuration files used in the project.

Identify the Yocto version used in your existing Genesys project. This information should be available in the project documentation or in the build logs.

Download the latest version of the Yocto Project release that you want to upgrade to.

Replace the existing Yocto files in your Genesys project with the files from the new Yocto release.

Update the build environment to use the new Yocto files.

Rebuild the project using the updated Yocto files.

Note that upgrading to a new Yocto release may introduce compatibility issues with your existing project, such as changes to the kernel, drivers, or packages.



James Watson

Edited by James Watson
Added more information for better understanding.
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Hi @sarvan


You may want to see this:



https://xilinx-wiki.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/A/pages/18841862/Install+and+Build+with+Xilinx+Yocto, ( Build with Xilinx Yocto )

As James Watson mentioned  you need to make sure features of the board that you want in your projects/applications are supported in u-boot & kernel of your chosen Yoctoproject version.

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