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Waveforms download very slow on windows



Hi! evry time I download waveforms for windows, on a windows os, it takes 10 times more than on a linux system, and i have no idea why. Just now, downloading the latest beta, it was downloading so slow it claimed over 20 minutes ETA, i logged in on a linux system and with wget i was able to download it in about a minute. This happens every time, I've also tried on a different windows machine ( they are all connected to the same network) and on the same machine but on linux, and it's the windows downloads which take the most. Sometimes after a couple of minutes, the download speed normalizes and goes fast, but other times it takes way too long. On linux there's never been this problem, any idea why this might be? 

Thank you. 


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Hi @Anthocyanina,

I'm not certain why this might be; I just attempted to redownload WaveForms on both Chrome and Firefox on my Windows 10 machine and was able to successfully download both the formal release and the 3.19.27 beta in about 10 seconds each (~6.0 MB/s download based on what the Firefox on-going downloads told me).

I know that there was recently a browser cookie update to some of the Digilent websites and that some parts of the website would run very slow or not at all if you blocked different cookies, but my understanding was that issue got resolved a couple of weeks ago. But even if this was the issue, I don't know why it would only affect your Windows system but not the Linux system. I will ask some my coworkers to see if this can be replicated.


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