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Changing SYNC output on USB-1208FS-PLUS through internal A/D pacer clock change

Seth Slavin


We have your USB-1208FS-PLUS for an application we are working on and we would like to see if there is any way we can get a clock signal output at 20Hz through this device. From reading the support pages it seems like we can get a SYNC output of the internal A/D pacer clock. I know there is a dynamic clock input range but I was not sure if this internal A/D pacer clock is adjustable. It seems to be able to be altered through an internal software set up, but I was not sure. If this is not possible then can you please recommend one of your product offerings that also has Analog and Digital I/O peripherals.

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The SYNC pin is dead until the AInScan function is called. After which it outputs the scan clock. To see it in action, set up a continuous acquisition at 20 sample/second and test the pin. If you're testing it by touching a scope probe to the screw terminal top, make sure to screw all the way down to make connection.

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