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SD boot image for Genesys boards



I just came on a program that's using the Genesys 5ev and 3eg boards for development.  
Sadly the SD cards that came with a boot image have been inadvertently reformatted.
Are there some instructions for restoring those images that you could share with us?

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Hi @Eminem,

Direct downloads for the images can be found for the Genesys ZU 3EG and the Genesys ZU 5EV on our Github here and here (SDImager recommended for Windows, "dd" for Linux) respectively (for the Rev D versions of the board), with the source for those images being available here and here.

There are some more instructions on using the out of box demo itself available on our reference site here: https://digilent.com/reference/programmable-logic/genesys-zu/getting-started#using_the_out-of-box_image.


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