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Warranty replacement request



We discovered that a new USB-2001-TC we received was defective. When the device is plugged in, the green light on the device does not illuminate and the device is not recognized by Windows. We would like to request a warranty replacement for the device.

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Please download and install the InstaCal program. I've attached a download link below. Once installed, plug in the 2001-TC and start up InstaCal. You may get an indication to run a registry update.  The update is to tell Windows will keep the device powered on. After the update, either reboot or replug the device into the USB port. Run InstaCal again, add the device to the board list then use the Test->Analog menu to test your thermocouple.  If you've already done this and it's not working, please send me the serial number and a PO or sales order number.       


best regards,


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