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How to measure and save data of vibration by using 2 mcc172?



Dear Mcc team,


I am using 2 mcc172 with raspberry pi 4B and 4 sensor. 

Now, I can save and measure only 2 sensor and only 1 mcc is working. 


Could some one help and guide me? I check both mcc172 was connected right to raspberry. I use c program example


thanks and Regards!

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Hello @han_hg

You can use up to 8 MCC hats can be stacked and used at a time.  You can mix and match the MCC HAT models in the stack.

MCC does provide sample apps/programs for each model HAT to help get you up and running with 1 or 2 HATs.  We tried to make it so you could even log collected data for one HAT, and those examples are provided in the two most popular Linux/Raspberry PI OS programming languages, being C and Python.

However it is up to you the User, to alter our examples or write your own app to suit your needs.  we do provide an extensive help file explaining how the various library function calls work and you can also study the examples so you can achieve your goal.

Here is the link to the support / help file: https://mccdaq.github.io/daqhats/overview.html#mcc-172

If you feel you are not confident in your abilities to accomplish this, you will need to find a consultant to complete this task for you.

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