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  1. Dear Mcc team, I am using 2 mcc172 with raspberry pi 4B and 4 sensor. Now, I can save and measure only 2 sensor and only 1 mcc is working. Could some one help and guide me? I check both mcc172 was connected right to raspberry. I use c program example thanks and Regards! Han
  2. thanks you so much! I got the answer. I just caculate minimum detectable value is 0.008 Bar.
  3. Hi Team, I am using MCC 128 and pressure tranducer to measure the pressure. Transducer: Pressure range 0-0.4 bar Output: 0 to 5 Vdc MCC 118: 12 bit resolution 100kS/s max sample rate +/-10 V input range I want to caculate: Minimum measureable difference and maximum detectable frequency. Could anyone help me
  4. Hi, I am new to MCC. Could anyone guide me how to using mcc128 to measure pressure ? I have raspberry pi 4 mcc128 what more should i need to buy ? Thanks and Regards Han
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