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New & old USB-2416 & AI-EXP32 Not recognized



We have an installation that previously detected and worked with a USB-2416 & AI-EXP32 combination. It has stopped communicating with the PC. The USB port was verified operational with a flash drive. Using both a new spare USB-2416 & AI-EXP32 combination on the same PC were also not detected by Instacal. Can you provide trouble shooting suggestions for this PC? Changing PCs is more difficult.

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you need not 'change' to another PC, but I would definitely use a another PC just as a test.

Trouble shooting suggestions:

  • run windows update
  • run a virus scan
  • un-install all MCC software, delete any remaining files and folders.
  • use an earlier windows restore point.
  • Confirm the USB-2416 use by itself works.
  • remove any USB cable extenders
  • be sure the USB-2416 is plugged in DIRECTLY to the computer using a USB cable no longer than 3 meters. -do NOT use any external hubs or cable extenders, nor USB ports on a computer's monitor nor docking stations.

Failing that, it would helpful to know:

What version of Windows?

What version of InstaCal?

How does the USB-2416 show up in the device manager?


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