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Where/how to get USB-1408FS-Plus firmware?



A previous response said to go to board distributor (Diligent) for the firmware.  The Diligent software support button connects to the Measurement Computing software downloads, but there is no firmware for USB-1408FS-Plus, only USB-1408FS.  The previous response said USB-1408FS firmware is incompatible with the USB-1408FS-Plus board.

Where/how does one get the USB-1408FS-Plus firmware?

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A little background, we have several devices with similar names, for example, the USB-1408FS and USB-1408FS-PLUS. They are very close in specification but are different and each has its own firmware set and they are not programmatically interchangeable. We are moving forward with the USB-1408FS-Plus - the USB-1408FS has a finite life span. We encourage all customers to use the Plus version.

Regarding your USB-1408FS: Loading the firmware may not correct the serial number issue.  However, if you have one of the newer type USB-1408FS with the orange USB plug, try the following procedure: 

1.         Place the  attached .hex file (below) in the following folder ..\Measurement Computing\DAQ\FirmwareImages\

2.         Disconnect the USB cable and remove circuit board from the case.

3.         Short the two center pins of the 6-pin header (J9) found on the circuit board. (there's only one)

4.         Connect the USB cable

5.         Run InstaCal.  The device will show with a name similar to  USB-1408FS-BOOT-LOADER

6.        Load the firmware as usual.

7.        Remove power, remove the jumper, plug it back in and restart InstaCal. With any luck it's working again.

Please take note, you and only you are responsible for the outcome of this procedure, it is not back by any MCC warranty there or otherwise.


Best regards,




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