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How to caculate minimum measurement difference and maximum detectable frequency ?



Hi Team,


I am using MCC 128  and pressure tranducer to measure the pressure.


    Pressure range 0-0.4 bar 

    Output: 0 to 5 Vdc

MCC 118:

   12 bit resolution 

   100kS/s max sample rate +/-10 V input range 


I want to caculate:

Minimum measureable difference and maximum detectable frequency.

Could anyone help me 



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The MCC 118 absolute accuracy is 20.8 mV at full scale. This equates to a 0.2% accuracy. Therefore, the minimum detectable value is 0.4 Bar x 0.002 or 0.008 Bar.

As for maximum detectable frequency, are you performing an FFT to get the frequency spectrum?

Best regards,


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