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MCC 152 can be detected but unable to open port



SPI and I2C are both enabled. When I run the MCC DAT HAT Manager it is able to detect the MCC 152 from the List devices 



The address is correct but I am unable to open the device and write signal to the DIO and AO. 


Is there anything I am missing? I am running the latest Raspbian on Pi 4 with Python 3 installed. 

Is there anything I can check or probe on the HAT to verify it is working? 

Thank you. 



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I tested the hat against another RPI (3B) and it's working fine. I think the original RPI (4B) that I used was defected.

I had another hat stacked (RPI CAN Hat shield) along with the MCC-152 and that might have messed up the SPI pins...


Thanks for the reply though. 


BTW there was no error message and no response if I tried to open the device from the GUI program. 


If I tried to run the python program I get a message "Error during opening port [...]". 



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