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DT9834 Open Layer communication C# Example?



i was able to find an example for the DT9857E, running that program with the DT9834 creates an error when it attempts to add the tachometer channel, so i removed that piece of the code (which got me past the initialize stage of the device). then i get another error later on in the code when it tries to run the AnalogInputSubsystem.Config() method. the error being thrown is OpenLayers.Base.OlException: 'An invalid channel was specified. '

picture of the error attached



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device.config was the wrong method name
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Hello @MaxCrowe

Assuming you've installed the Omni CD and OpenLayers Dot Net support, and have tested your DT9857E with QuickDAQ to make sure all is well, the example to look at is "readbufferediepedataasraw". In plain english it's "read buffered data from IEPE device and return raw data" ( The DT9857E has built-in IEPE signal conditioning for dynamic sensors. ) If you're having trouble finding the examples, they should be in C:\Program Files (x86)\Data Translation\DotNet\OLClassLib\Examples\AnalogInput\. Because they are installed in Program Files (x86), you will need elevated permission to access them with Visual Studio IDE. I suggest to use "run as administrator" when starting the IDE. For more information about using the various objects and enumerations, the DT-Open Layers for .NET API Help is available via a shortcut from your start programs menu.

Best regards,

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