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  1. thanks Fausto. for now, we will disable Memory Integrity and await a new driver. is there a way i can get emails when new drivers are released?
  2. Hi, we recently upgraded our PC to Windows 11 which enabled the 'Memory Integrity' option in the 'Core Isolation' security settings. with this setting is enabled, the driver for our DT9834 will not be allowed to load: i confirmed this is the cause by turning off Memory Integrity and restarting the machine. i updated to the newest driver hoping that this would be addressed but it seems to have the same behavior. can you confirm this is then newest version? can i expect a newer version of this driver to be released to allow compatibility with Windows 11? thank you
  3. i was able to find an example for the DT9857E, running that program with the DT9834 creates an error when it attempts to add the tachometer channel, so i removed that piece of the code (which got me past the initialize stage of the device). then i get another error later on in the code when it tries to run the AnalogInputSubsystem.Config() method. the error being thrown is OpenLayers.Base.OlException: 'An invalid channel was specified. ' picture of the error attached
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