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Allocating memory for DMA - Eclypse Z7




I am building a project where I need to use DMA to transfer data from PL to PS. I am following the tutorial given here. My board is Eclypse-Z7 and the application is a petalinux project. The project is working fine for small data transfers. When the size of the data is more than ~130kB, it fails. Can it be caused by lack of large contiguous memory in DDR?


The width of the address bus is set to 26 in the AXI DMA IP.


To debug the issue, i have slowed down the data which the AXI Stream sends to the DMA.  For small data size, the DMA runs for a time enough to acquire the data from the AXI stream. When the number of bytes to be transferred is set to a high value, DMA stops immediately.


Can anyone suggest ways to overcome this?

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