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Pmod compability



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Hi k_hades1,

I am not familiar with the DE0 Nano board. Taking a quick look at the product, it does show that it has GPIO, ground and VCC pins. It could be possible to use Digilent Pmods however it may be difficult to do. It could be possible to use the Digilent Pmods but you would have to create the drivers that went with since the DE0 Nano board is not supported by Digilent.


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Just based upon the picture of a De0 nano board that I found here, I would answer your question, "No."  There are no PMod connectors on your board, therefore your board is not compatible with Digilent's Pmod devices.

That said, the PMod wire line protocol is fairly simple.  If you are interested in wiring what you need together, I'm sure you could make something work.  The big things to remember are that the PMod digital wires are 3.3V TTL, and that at the end of every row there's a spot to supply 3.3V power and another spot for ground.  If the De0 nano can provide power and ground to those two pins, and if the GPIO on the De0 nano is 3.3V compatible, and if you have sufficient GPIO pins available to you (it looks like you should have plenty ...) then you should be able to wire up a solution.  The result could be functional, although it's not likely to look pretty.

Hope this helps,


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