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DASYLab 2020 and DASYLab 2022 MCC-DRV driver path not valid error message



The Measurement Computing driver for DASYLab 2020 and DASYLab 2022 will by default display an error about the Destination Folder path. The error is due to an oversight in the default path as it should include the number 2020 or 2022_en. The solution is to press the Change button and manually edit the path to C:\Program Files (x86)\DASYLab 2020\ or C:\Program Files (x86)\DASYLab 2022_en\ depending on your version.


Also, for DASYLab 2022 installation the driver is a carry over from DASYLab 2020. Do not be confused if you are enabling it for DASYLab 2022 only to see Measurement Computing Drivers for DASYLab(R) 2020.


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