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uldaq, libusb problem on M1 Mac



If you are trying to install MCC Universal Library for Linux (uldaq) on a M1 Mac, and you see the problem:

During step 3 of the Build instructions, part 2:  $  ./configure && make

During that execution, an error shows up:

‘Library libusb-1.0 was not found on this system’

And you think, "But I know it is installed because I ran the prereq command ‘brew install libusb’!"

At the time of my writing this, the current version of Libusb is 1.0.26.  if there is an update, please substitute the new rev in the following instructions.

Download the source from github.com:


As you know, I’m not a Mac person, so after it downloaded, I unpacked it in the downloads folder, and from the terminal:

Build it in the standard way:

$ tar xvfj libusb-1.0.26.tar.bz2

$ cd libusb-1.0.26

$ ./configure

$ make

$ make check

$ sudo make install

Then you can continue on with uldaq installation at:   $ ./configure && make

To their completion.

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