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where is the built file from petalinux-build - c <app-name> placed?




I am working on an app for a Zynq board (Arty Z7) using petalinux. I created the app by doing:

# create the app and recipe
$ petalinux-create -t apps --name <app-name> --template c

# enable the app in the final image
$ petalinux-config -c rootfs

# edit the source in the <project dir>/project-spec/meta-user/recipes-apps/<app-name>/files

# build the app
$ petalinux-build -c <app-name>

# build petalinux and repackage image

This works but the rebuild/package of the image is a pain.

Where can I find the built <app-name> executable so I can just ftp copy it to the Arty Z7?


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