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Linux and USB host, powered over microUSB




I have petalinux running on Zybo Z7-20 based on custom project with HDMI output. Finally I have a console on the HDMI output, and the device is booting over jtag + NFS. So the microUSB is connected as peripheral to the PC and I'm also using this microUSB to power the board. So far, so good, but I want to use HID such a USB keyboard. So the J11 usb host is the choice for this. I see that JP2 should be shorted to power the J11 connected devices. But in this situation the IC12 will try to power the same USB5V0 bus, that is powered by the microUSB from the PC. And it seems like I can't use at the same time microUSB as jtag/power source and to connect any kind of USB peripheral to J11. This is what you have written in section 9 USB Host/OTG in Zybo Z7 user manual. So I guess the only chance to use usb HOST functionality over J11 is to short JP2, also to power the board over wall adapter and to disconnect microUSB jtag? Is this  correct? 

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