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Zybo Board Files 2016.1 - GPIO Direction




Just thought I would give a small comment on the board files for Zybo.

I was doing a small driver in C++, and for this just doing it for the LEDs. The purpose was to refresh myself, but also to be able to handle individual LEDs in software.

The small driver is working, but initially did not. The problem was that I could not read the GPIO value back into software and I found the board instantiation to become an OUT type port.

After changing this by not using the LED definition from the board files, I left out the check mark from OUT, and I was able to read the value of the port back into software. Thereby eliminating the need to keep track of the port value, and just read it when needed.

The problem showed when toggling one LED, the others would turn off, as the port read resulted in 0x0 always.


Could be i did something wrong, but anyways the HW reconfiguration fixed the problem.



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