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Transfer of data from PS DDR to PL DDR




I am using Zynq ZCU102 Board. I have stored some data in PS DDR, I want this data to be transferred to PL DDR for the processing. I thought of transferring data from PS DDR to PL DDR via AXI CDMA.How this can be done??.

I am actually looking for a linux based user application. I followed all the steps and proceeded based on this blog AXI CDMA.Taking hints and help from this, I modified the C code based on my requirement (to transfer from PS DDR to PL DDR). I am using ZCU102 board. I am attaching the C code along with this. When I build that c code and  use that .elf file to run on board, I am getting this error

Any help would be appreciated

cdma_pblm (2).png


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