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Eclypse-Z7 device-tree-overlay




I'm working on tutorial how to port and use PYNQ with Eclypse-Z7 and now I'm stuck on ZMOD integration. I have created device-tree-overlay based on PL.dtsi generated by petalinux with PYNQ-PRIO, applied some changes by hand and I don't know why I'm getting this error.

Everything is here: https://www.hackster.io/bartosz-rycko/eclypse-z7-pynq-porting-guide-3dd24c

If you could help me on this I would be grateful.

Thanks :)


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I have created two projects. One is plain ZMOD_ADC_DAC example from github, and everything runs fine.

I have enabled FPGA Manager and device-tree overlays. Created working overlay with PYNQ-PRIO and now axidma, axidma1, uio0, uio1 are visible, but running example project is causing segmentation fault... Any ideas why I'm getting segmentation fault on examples with overlay turned on?  

pl_amba.dtbo pl_amba.dts ZmodADC1410_Demo_Linux.elf ZmodDAC1411_Demo_Linux.elf

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@NewBee Most likely a null pointer or a wrong address. You can find out by debugging the example and see where the program fails.
Make sure the CMA size is set in bootargs. Also The kernel is patched to include an axidma module. But it looks like the patches are included.

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