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Found 3 results

  1. Hello Friends, I have to implement simple data acquisition system using Eclypse Z-7 and Two ZMOD ADCs. However, my requirement is to use four ADC channels in order to capture four different signals using two ZMODs with synchronization between them and make the data available to user using any mechanism. I have been going through the provided baremetal and linux demo's and also through the low level ZMOD ADC controller and AXI based IP. In an order to implement the design, I was thinking of using existing demo's, but I have few queries about them. 1.The existing baremetal application, at a time, only provides output of one ADC channel using the ZMOD class. How to get data from both channel simultaneously? And do I need to create my own ZMOD class to provide 4 ADC output if using two ZMODs? 2. In an order to use two ZMOD ADCs I will have to instantiate another low level Controller IP and AXI IP (those provided by digilent). Is it possible to provide output of second AXI IP to common DMA? Is it possible to use single DMA for both ZMODs? If you have any other suggestions to achieve the task apart from this, it will be very helpful for me. Please let me know if you any suggestions on this. Thank you in advance.
  2. I attempted to load the ZMod ADC1410 A/D converter for the Genesys ZU3 board IP into my Vivado design (2019.2). However, the ADC1410 controller cannot be loaded into Vivado 2019.2 because the IP does not support the Genesys board. As a result, I have a AXI interface board for a board IP that won't load. Is there an update to the Vivado IP so that the AD board will work on Genesys ZU3?
  3. Hello! I'm working on tutorial how to port and use PYNQ with Eclypse-Z7 and now I'm stuck on ZMOD integration. I have created device-tree-overlay based on PL.dtsi generated by petalinux with PYNQ-PRIO, applied some changes by hand and I don't know why I'm getting this error. Everything is here: If you could help me on this I would be grateful. Thanks :)