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Cora Z7 how to mmap GPIO in linux ?



Hello I am a noob, but I have a board setup using the linux supplied from digilent:



So I assume this package includes a hardware design and a kernel module that memory maps the I/O on the board so I can access it in linux via a C application i write...

But how can I work out which pin is mapped to which address etc so I can write code  to use it ?

I was thinking maybe this is something to do with it : https://github.com/Digilent/digilent-apps

Ideally someone can help me open the hardware design in vivado and open the kernel module code that maps the registers so I can work out the mapping myself. ?

I don't know much about how to use Vivado and SDK but I am using v2017.4.

Any help is much appreciated!!!!

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