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not getting helloworld on SDK terminal


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i am working on a Chinese board named "AX7020 with part number XC7Z020clg400-2"    and i am fallowing a simple hello world tutorial from udemy course i am not getting the helloworld  on SDK terminal as i should but instead i can get the hello world on putty  terminal  i dont know its the board problem or simulation error please recommend some solutions thanks  

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You do realize the reason why you got no response from the FPGA forum you first posted in?  It wasn't because you posted in the wrong subforum, but rather because you are requesting help for a non-Digilent board on a Digilent forum.  Since this is a Digilent forum, those posting here all have Digilent boards of some type.  This does include other Zynq boards, so you may get lucky to find a sympathetic user who knows your answer.  You might also wish to try posting on the forum your Chinese vendor hosts for your board--if they host any at all. (I wouldn't know.)

I'll post any other thoughts I might have on the FPGA forum where you initially posted.


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thanks a lot sir for your response actually i am new to this forum i dont know where to ask questions like technical questions secondly yes  you are right i should ask in specific vendors forum but unfortunately they dont have any one in English 

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In order to get the "Hello World" output you should have an open UART connection between your board and your PC. Usually this is done using an USB-UART interface (on board side), an USB cable and a terminal (on PC side).

Let's take the board side. Since you are using a Zynq, you could use the UART interface on the PS, or use an IP (like UART lite) on PL side. 

On the board side what matters is the hardware platform (in Vvado) and the software (in Vivado SDK).

From hardware platform perspective, in the xdc file the UART lines (Tx and Rx should be properly connected.

From software perspective, please go to the bsp project, right click on bsp project, Board Support Package Settings, standalone, and verify the stdout is set on UART (normally it is).

Normally, you should also check the USB cable by replacing it with a working one.

On the PC side you should properly set the terminal (for example TerraTerm). In Windows Device Manager you should identify the COM port open for your board.

Use the baud rate according to the settings in the UART interface on the board side.

Also, I am thinking (you should know better) that maybe Chinese characters may raise some other problems.

Good luck.



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