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Vivado Design Suite for BASYS 3: Mass Installation Inquiry


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 I just bought 35 BASY3 FPGA boards for our Digital Systems class and need to install Vivado Design Suite in 30 computers. However I noticed during the installation process a window prompts on the "Select Installation Type" I have to enter USER ID and PASSWORD. 


I would like to know if there is a way around to having to create 30 accounts in order to install on 30 computers. I suppose I can try to install using 1 account on all 30 computers. Please help me with the  best way to install Vivado Design Suite for my class.


Thank you,


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Hi @mjacome,

Digilent doesn't provide Vivado so we don't have direct advice, though with the WebPACK edition of Vivado I do not think you need different accounts to install on different computers since the WebPACK version is license free (as of 2016.4). Aside from asking on Xilinx forums about this for more accurate information, I would recommend looking into the batch installation that is described in the Vivado Release Notes.

Based on that material it looks like you can generate an authentication token associated with your Xilinx account to make the install go easier that expires after 7 days, though I do not know if it is possible to transfer this token between computers. At the very least though there is a command line method to installing Vivado.


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I'm quite sure you can use one account (I have done so on several PCs myself with Webpack).

Looking at that license file, it says


To me, this looks like  (but someone correct me if I'm wrong) that the free webpack license isn't even tied to one specific machine.

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