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Found 5 results

  1. Hi! I'm new to FPGAs and find the Xilinx Installation process quite daunting. The installation guideline on your website is fine, but it does not recommend specific versions of Vitis/Vivado for your boards. Installing the latest version seems to not be a good idea, because certain projects on a board aren't forward compatible. Could you maybe add a table where it states which version you recommend for which board? I'm using the Basys3, and I'm gravitating to 2020.1., but am not sure. Thanks! Sebastian.
  2. I have a ZedBoard (Zynq XC7Z020) on which I wish to prototype some software on a MicroBlaze that will eventually be moved to a ZCU-102, and ultimately to a custom IO card. I was given the ZedBoard and installed the Xilinx software that came with it, but ISE 14.1 seems to have some trouble with Windows 10 (file selection dialogs don't always appear, and it can't seem to talk to the network very well), so I've installed Vivado 2021.1. Unfortunately, none of the directions I've found for installing the board files work properly under this version of the tools - it seems the stuff on GitHub (XilinxBoardStore / XilinxCEDStore) are not supported (I can't get them to work following the directions I've found, at least), and when I tried editing the Vivado start-up tcl script, the XML files appear available on the Diligent site seem to be incompatible (it breaks Vivado), so I cannot seem to create a project for the ZedBoard using Vivado 2021.1. There is a very nice Wiki page on the Diligent site that describes how to do it for the 2019 edition of the Xilinx tools, but it's out of date. Can anyone offer some advice on what I should do? Should I uninstall Vivado (both the 2021.1 and 14.1 versions) and try to download and install something in-between? This is on a Windows 10, 64-bit host. Thanks in advance. Sorry about typos and odd spacing (I've tried to clean it up as I type), but the laptop keyboard I'm using is not agreeing with my fingers, and I keep typing the wrong keys and extra spaces.
  3. I am evaluating the possibility of using the AD-2 for my student labs (in place of scope/signal gen/PS, etc) I want to try waveforms in demo mode on my Ubuntu laptop. I get the following error when I try to install Waveforms after Adept: The following packages have unmet dependencies: digilent.waveforms: Depends: digilent.adept.runtime (>= 2.26.1) but 2.21.3 is to be installed I installed Adept, but apparently it wants a later version than I am getting. OS: Ubuntua 21.04, arch is 64 bit intel. Update: I installed 3.16 (previous version), and that worked. Apparently 3.17 is very new. But how do I get into DEMO mode? Update: saying ok when no device is detected gets it into demo mode. I left this in because maybe someone else will have the same problem.
  4. I just bought an OpenScope MZ and I need help downloading the Digilent Agent. Here is the sequence I followed and problems I encountered: 1. followed the directions from the web site: 2. this site, gives a link for Windows. The link given was: When I click this link, the browser "gives-up" with a page not found. 3. Apparently the URL of step #2, was redirecting to another site; the new URL was: This tells me that it tries to authenticate from somewhere. 4. I went to GitHub and attempted to get a copy of the Agent from there: no luck -- not available. I tried multiple things such as: A. clearing the cache of the Browser B. Using a different Browser (Chrome, Edge, Explorer) C. Using three different machines D. Moving to an iMAC NOTHING WORKED. Can someone give me a copy of the Digilent Agent for Windows 10? A link? Anything? By the way, I connected with the Serial Port at 1,250,000 baud; I was able to configure the WiFi. But the firmware needs to be updated which requires the Digilent Agent to be running. So frustrating... Please help!
  5. Hello, I just bought 35 BASY3 FPGA boards for our Digital Systems class and need to install Vivado Design Suite in 30 computers. However I noticed during the installation process a window prompts on the "Select Installation Type" I have to enter USER ID and PASSWORD. I would like to know if there is a way around to having to create 30 accounts in order to install on 30 computers. I suppose I can try to install using 1 account on all 30 computers. Please help me with the best way to install Vivado Design Suite for my class. Thank you, Marco