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Basys-3 LEDs


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I am new in VHDL and have a school project. I am reading 40-bit data from DHT11 humidity sensor. Although first 8 bit is meaningful to me, I read all 40. At the end of the transaction,  it is required to light 8 LEDs corresponding to each bit of 8bit.

I can light the confirmation LED which lights when all 40-bit data is received. But, can’t do it for the data LEDs.

I need urgent help. Thanks.

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Hi @ousahin,

Welcome to the forums. Please attach your vhdl code and a link to the datasheet you are using. Have you used an o-scope to confirm you are receiving the confirmation and data information from the DHT11?

Here is a non-verified project on GitHub using VHDL for the DHT11 that might be helpful.

thank you,


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