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SELLING - Barely Used Nexys 3 Board w/ Spartan 6 FPGA for CHEAP!


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Hello everyone

I am selling my almost brand-new Xilinx Nexys 3 Trainer Board w/ Spartan 6 FPGA. I've only used it for about 1 week and it is in absolute Mint condition.

I am choosing to sell it because my new job at a startup uses Altera's line of products so I will be getting an Altera FPGA :)
Unfortunately I just got my Nexys 3 so I am try to get whatever money I can for it.

A link to this product on the Digilent site can be found below:


As you can see, it's worth $270 on the website, the total comes to over $300 if you order it from the store.
I was hoping I could get around $200 if possible but am definitely open to haggling depending on the demand.

Please let me know if you are interested! This is a great board to build projects and can do a ton of things!
Inbox me or comment here :)

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