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  1. Thank you for the older version of InstaCal. Unfortunately it did not work, but I got it working by using DASYLab 9.0. Somehow it works like a charm with V9.0, but V11.0 keeps crashing.
  2. Hello Fausto, Thank you for your help. Yes, InstaCal V6.74 detects USB-202 and I can check that it's working. If DasyLAB 11.0 is opened before connecting USB-202, then it works fine; however, it won't be able to detect USB-202 if it's plugged afterwards and keeps asking me to open InstaCal to check the device. InstaCal works fine and detects USB-202 regardless of the order. If I connect USB-202 first and then open DasyLAB 11.0, then it crashes. I know that DasyLab V11 and Windows 7 are legacy software, but they work fine with all our NI daqs from 30-year-old legacy devices to PXI systems we recently purchased, so I thought it wouldn't have any issue with MCC daqs as well. Anyhow, any help would be very much appreciated. Best, Simon
  3. Now I have another issue.. I am trying to use DasyLAB 11.0 with USB-202 I recently purchased, and DasyLab 11.0 crashes whenever USB-202 is connected. InstaCal works fine though. OS: Windows 7 SP1 64bit InstaCal Version: 6.74 DAS: DasyLAB 11.0
  4. I recently purchased a USB-202, and InstaCal does not recognize the device. Device: USB-202 OS: Windows 7 SP1 InstaCal Version: 6.74 It's running on an old laptop (Compaq Presario CQ50) but there shouldn't be any issue with it in my opinion.
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