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USB-202 not recognized by InstaCal



I recently purchased a USB-202, and InstaCal does not recognize the device.


Device: USB-202

OS: Windows 7 SP1

InstaCal Version: 6.74


It's running on an old laptop (Compaq Presario CQ50) but there shouldn't be any issue with it in my opinion.

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Hello @SLee.

Uninstall InstaCal v6.74 from that Windows 7 system.  Afterwards, using the following link, download the installer to the host system and run the installation. 


Once installed, please launch InstaCal to detect the USB-202. 

If the device remains undetected, then open Windows' Device Manager.  Is there a 'DAS Component' branch with a device?  Please reply with screen captures and any error codes in the Device Status field.

Lastly, please test the USB-202 with InstaCal v6.74 on a different system running Windows 10 or newer.



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