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There is no "digilent_zed_defconfig"




I tried to Embedded Linux kernel build with Zedboard, and I refer to http://www.wmelectronic.at/PDFS/digilent/ZedBoard_GSwEL_Guide.pdf


However, When I try this page, I faced something strange.


Because, This git hasn't include "digilent_zed_defconfig" 


What was wrong?

I'm working with Ubuntu 16.04 LTS / Xilinx ISE 14.7 Webpack

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I wrote that guide 5 years ago... A lot has changed since then in the kernel and u-boot. I can get you past this problem, but I'm not going to guarantee that you don't just run into another one. How Digilent is supporting embedded linux these days is via petalinux projects. Digilent doesn't directly provide one for the Zedboard, however Xilinx does and it can be obtained directly from the Petalinux download page (It's called a BSP). The xilinx petalinux manual reads a lot like a tutorial and can be followed along with the ZedBoard BSP to get things going.

But if you want to continue pushing through the ol` GSwEL guide, I can try to get you through it with the newer kernel and u-boot. I actually think it does a good job of explaining the various components needed to boot Linux on Zynq, and that info is still accurate today (though it is packaged differently these days).

Anyways, we (following Xilinx's lead) stopped including board specific config files, and just use one for all Zynq-7000 devices. To use, you should run:

make ARCH=arm xilinx_zynq_defconfig


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