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Arty-Z7-20 with Vivado 2018.1




you know, that i try to use uio. And i still got no result. Therefor i try the next Vivado 2018.1 with the still not delivered petalinux.

I created a new Project in Vivado 2018.1 and i tried to choose the Arty-Z7-20 board. But i can't select it; before i did it, i copied the digilent board files into the Xilinx Directory.

When do you provide the new board files for Vivado 2018.1; i Need the Arty-Z7-20 :-)


Thank you...

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We tend to only update the Petalinux projects on an as needed basis and on the 20xx.4 release. If petalinux 2018.1 does not add compelling enough features or fix something that is significantly broken, we will probably skip it all together. That is why we are very verbose on our petalinux project support table what version each board supports. You should refer to that table first before going through the hassle of installing a version of petalinux. 

If you have feedback on this let us know.

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