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FTDI Drivers Issue




I'm using an CMOD A7 board that use an FT2232HQ USB-UART bridge. I have installed the driver from FTDI Chip Community and all work perfectly but sometimes there is an issue. 

I have about 10 board, if i connect one to pc and try to communicate with it, all work, sometimes if i disconnet this board and connect another the Pc recognized it but i can't communicate with it. 

I don't know why but to bypass this issue i need to open device manager and uninstall the USB Composite Device Driver and install it again and all work correctly. 
This is an issue because i won't to do this procedure each time that the problem occurs.

Anyone can help me?


Regards Stefano

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sure, i forgot to specify that i have written a C program that use ftd2xx.h and ftd2xx.dll library for communication. 
The program work fine, when i run it and it recognizes the board it works for hours, but sometimes, when it starts and can't recognizes the board i need to uninstall the driver as i pecify.


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i have found this problem with Windows 10 and Windows 7.
i have downloaded the last version of driver from www..ftdichip.com VCP drivers section
i have read that: 

1) install drivers before to connect the device to pc

2) when the device is connected to pc windows finalize the installation

3) if you change device windows read that there is an entry with same VID and PID in its registry but the second device has another serial number so window install the drivers again and create another entry in its registry.

4) if you change usb port window install again the drivers and create another entry in its registry. 

my question is, could Windows finds a conflict with registry entries?


regards Stefano

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Hi @smarano,

Our design engineer says that everything described sounds like normal behavior for Windows 7 and 10. They don’t know why you are manually downloading and installing the VCP driver. Windows update should provide the latest WHQL certified driver. The Adept System installer also includes the most recent driver.

FTDI has a driver cleanup utility here and a read me here. They don’t know if it works on Windows 10, but they know it works on Windows 7. That utility will remove all drivers associated with a particular Vendor ID and Product ID combination. They suggest to try running the utility to clean things up and start fresh. 

thank you,


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windows update installs drivers which aren't updated. Installing manually the drivers allow me to have the most recent drivers. Infact before to install manually the drivers the issue appears more often. i realy don't know why this issue come up.

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