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Hi everybody.

I am the owner of a chipkit Max32 and an ethernet shield (revision C).

When I bought them a few years ago, I managed to use the main functionalities, but then my project fall asleep and I just come back to it now :)

The problem is my PC has changed, my OS has changed (now Ubuntu 16.04.4 LTS), the mpide version has changed and I don't find a working version of the Ethernet librairies anymore.
I can start again from scratch, but all I need is a working http client example.

So my questions are :
* I installed mpide-0150-linux64-20150820. Is it OK ? (I also tried uecide with no more success)
* Which library should I use ? Ethernet ? chipKITEthernet ? DEIPck ? DNETck ?

Depending on the answer I will then precise which exact errors I get (they are different in each case...)

Thank you very much for getting me out of this trouble.



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Hi @WEC,


Doing some more research  the HTTP server should be the example you use since that can go over LAN rather than WiFi. 
You will need to have the correct library commented on the deWebIOServer.cpp this will be the IM8720PHY.h rather than the MRF24G.h and the commenting out the DEWFcK.h

thank you,



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