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Brand new to FPGA


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Hello everyone,


I am currently an undergraduate studying Biomedical Engineering. As part of my university's honors program I am required to do a thesis. The mentor I have chosen has tasked me to write lab assignments that use the Basys 3 to use in a class about digital circuits. I know nothing about this piece of technology and due to the relative newness of it I am having trouble finding existing projects that I could use as well as how to write programs for it. He told me that he wanted to use it to implement various logic functions such as AND gates and OR gates. From what I can tell it can be used for these functions but I just have no idea where to start. I know this might seem like very basic information to most of you but I have zero experience with FPGAs and any advice will help. Thanks in advance and can't wait to learn more!

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Like @jpeyron said, "Welcome to the forum!"

I think you'll also find some wonderful projects on fpga4fun.com.  I also have some projects that would work nicely on a Basys3 board, although you'd need to adjust the XDC file's.  (As an example, I'm thinking of the video demo project that runs on a Linux machine, but for which the RTL should run nicely on a Basys3.)  Feel free to browse both my github repository, or my blog for more information.


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