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now i have installed a Linux vm with petalinux on my Windows host PC. To begin my work i tried to create a petalinux Project with:

petalinux-create -t project -s /home/username/projects

BSP file is: Petalinux-Arty-Z7-20-2017.2-2.bsp

/home/username/Projects is the path to the given BSP file; when i execute this command then i got the following error message:

"ERROR: No PetaLinux projects found in the BSP /home/czymic/Projects!"

What must i do to create a new petalinux Project? Must i always use the given BSP-file or can i create an own bsp file? How can i accomplish the tutorial:


PetaLinux BSP Installation Steps

Follow the below steps to install a BSP:

1. Change to the directory under which you want PetaLinux projects to be created. For

example, if you want to create projects under /home/user:

$ cd /home/user

2. Run petalinux-create command on the command console:

petalinux-create -t project -s <path-to-bsp>

The board being referenced is based on the BSP installed. You will see the output, similar

to the below output:

INFO: Create project:

INFO: Projects:

INFO: * xilinx-zcu102-v2017.3-final.bsp

INFO: has been successfully installed to /home/user/

INFO: New project successfully created in /home/user/

If the specified location is on NFS, petalinux-create automatically changes the TMPDIR to

/tmp/<projname_timestamp>. If /tmp is also on NFS, it will throw an error.

In the above example, upon execution of petalinux-create command, the projects extracted

from BSP and being installed are listed on the display console. If you run ls from

"/home/user", you will see the installed Projects."



Thank you...

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