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Compatibility Arduino Leonardo Ethernet 2 A000022 With Digilent Analog Shield

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Hi @karibou,

We have not worked with the Leonardo Ethernet 2 Arduino. We could not find a schematic for the version 2 with the ethernet. Looking at the original Leonardo schematic the spi pins are routed to different pins so the Analog shield would not line up correctly. Beyond the hardware complications you would need to also add the ATmega32u4 to the analog shield library. I would not suggest using the Analog Shield. I would look into alternative solutions for your projects needs.

thank you,


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Hi Jon,

Thank you for reply.

Yes, thank you : I need digilent card composed of about 8 analog outputs for my "MCU Leonardo Ethernet 2  Arduino".

I want to be able to drive a device between 0-10 V. It is for piloting temperatures (Low speed system). Analog Buffered Output is not useful for my application.


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