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Jtag HS2 programing issue with xilinx ISE

Manish Singh

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I am using Xilinx ISE 14.7 and have spartan 6 XC6SLx45 FPGA. I have also downloaded the Adept 2 standalone for programming the fpga. my problem are:

1) the Jtag HS2 cable is not not recognized by xilinx impact tool.

2) Digilent Adept do recognizes the  jtagHs2 cable and also displays the message of program successful after programming the .bit file but the FPGA do not perform specified task. Even a simple hello world program to to light LEDS with and operation of dip switches. Also my digilent adept only has two tabs of "config" and "settings" not other tabs as I/O, etc. The Adept do not give me the option of programing the PROM.

See the pictures, .v and .ucf file for reference. Its a simplest hello world program. On power up the FPGA runs its default program of count-down with LEDS but as i burn the new .bit file everythings goes off (it does not light the LED which it is suppose to)


My Question is the Jtag HS2 really compatible with xilinx 14.7, if yes why does it not show in Impact tool?

Do i need any drivers for the jtag HS2 cable to be able to program the FPGA?


Best Regards,




digilent adept.PNG


device manager.PNG

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