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My Project For The Digilent Halloween Contest.


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Greetings! This is a project that I've been working on for a little while now, and now... well, it's dressed up for Halloween!


I've been playing around with the (utterly awesome) WS2812 LED strips for a while now, with an eventual goal of semi-permanent lighting for the classier portions of my already classy abode. Using a Max32, a Basic I/O Shield, and MPIDE, I've been playing with various techniques & routines in order to control the lights as well as I'd eventually like.


The first challenge was to get my sketch working with HSB instead of RGB. As a guy who plays with colors all the time, the idea of defining a color in RGB seems needlessly complex, but that's how the hardware works. My first efforts at doing on-the-fly HSB to RGB conversion are here:



Once that was in place, I could focus on making cool colors, waves, etc. At this point I have a number of routines that look quite nice, and the below video shows one of my favorite.


Yes, he's wearing a hat. What if it rains while trick-or-treating?





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