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OpenScope MZ Firmware Upload Timeout

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I am having similar issues to Lightbulb and I agree with the underwhelming out of the box experience. Waveformslive prompted me to update the firmware right off the bat. I clicked ok and appeared as if the firmware on the device was quite old. But for some reason, the firmware update failed after a few minutes. And I cannot talk to the device anymore. It keeps on asking me to update the firmware and fails to do so. An endless cycle which takes me nowhere. This was the only helpful thread I could find. The error messages I see are "Unable to communicate with the device" and "Error uploading firmware".


Any help is appreciated.

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Hey Kahn,

I'm going to split this into a new thread so we can do some troubleshooting (originally posted in this thread).

There are two possible scenarios causing this issue.  First, it's possible the firmware is not being retrieved from our server correctly.  To test this can you download the latest firmware from this page.  The file is on the lower right side in the info box under Firmware>>Without Bootloader.  Repeate the firmware update process but when you can select the firmware version choose Other and Borwse  to select the .hex file from your PC.


Another possible issue is that the Agent is not able to communicate with the hardware due to corrupted firwmare.  If you can connect to the device in WaveForms Live and see the current firmware version on the Configuration Menu then this is not the case.  If the firmware is corrupted you can recover by following the instructions here.

Let us know if that helps or if you have more questions and  we'll help you get this figured out.




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