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WaveForms Live Timout When Downloading OpenScope MZ Firmware

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Hi all, just got my kickstarter openscope MZ. Fairly underwhelming out of the box experience... But I'm hoping someone here can help me.

Step one: Install Digilent agent. Done

Step two: Add the openscope MZ to waveforms Live... "Connect the OpenScope MZ to the computer via USB. The blue light will flash or remain sold when the device is ready". Well, it's been several minutes and that hasn't happened. 3 very brief flashes from the red leds marked LD5 and LD6 when plugged in, but no blue light anywhere. Hmm.

Step three: assume it's working anyway and proceed. Well, I can add the OpenScope to Waveforms live and it seems to connect and detect a device, but immediately get the message the firmware needs updating, and then when updating the firmware "Error uploading firmware. Please try again.". I've tried this both with and without the MicroSD card installed. I can't do anything without updated firmware, yet can't seem to have it update successfully.

I've tried looking for documentation and troubleshooting steps, but can't find anything pertaining to these issues. Could someone kindly assist me?

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Hey light bulb,

I'll update the documentation on the LED.  We had to launch the first production run of OpenScope MZs quite a while back so they come with some pretty old firmware and the LED behavior is slightly different in that build than in the current firmware.  After you update the firmware you should see the LED behavior as described: blinking blue when the device is ready but not connected to wifi, solid blue if/when connected to wifi.

As for the firmware update you do not need to connect the OpenScope MZ to a Wifi network for this to work.  I'm not sure what caused it to fail the first time you tried to update the firmware, but please let us know if you have any more issues and we'll help troubleshoot them.



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