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JTAG-SMT2: Surface-mount Programming Module Information



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Hi @jpeyron

I read that JTAG SMT2-NC isn't capable to program efuse. I found this information in the datasheet. The JTAG SMT2 has the same features of SMT2-NC plus a usb connector. In the datasheet of SMT2 module i don't find nothing about efuse but i suppose that if it works as SMT2-NC so it isn't capable to program efuse. My supposition is correct or those boards are different?

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Hi @smarano,

We used the same PDID on the JTAG-SMT2-NC so it should work exactly the same as the SMT2. I believe at the time that the reference manual was written efuse wasn’t supported but is now. I have changed the wiki reference manual page and put a request to change the PDF reference manual to reflect this.



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