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NetFPGA Sume reconfiguration problem

Fabio Verdi



we are running the command: $ dsumecfg reconfig -d NetSUME -s 0 and getting the following messages:

FPGA Configuration succeeded

ERROR: FPGA is NOT configured

The first message says that it is ok, but the second message seems to show some problems.

Anybody knows what is that? 




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Hi @Fabio Verdi,

You should be using the NetFPGA forums for support with the NetFPGA Sume.  If you are not already registered, you can use the registration link located on the "Getting Started" page here. Once registered, you should use the NetFPGA forum to post your question. So you are aware, it can take up to a week to be approved in the NetFPGA forum. 

thank you,


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