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Newbie Question on a missing menu option in SDK




After working in ISE, I am new to Vivado.

I built a Microblaze design successfully and I am now starting to work on getting Linux running on my Arty.

I am at the point where I cloned the device_tree git repo and all the references show this flow but after launching the SDK from Vivado I cannot see the menu option Xilinx Tools.

The SDK has a lot of buttons grayed out. I was able to generate a hello world with no issue and run that on the board.

  • # Otherwise for SDK 2014.2 use this repo:
    git clone git://github.com/Xilinx/device-tree-xlnx.git
  • Add the BSP repository in SDK (for SDK 2014.2 and later select "device-tree-xlnx" from the checked out git area):
    SDK Menu: Xilinx Tools > Repositories > New... (<bsp repo>) > OK                              ****** Where do I find this
  • Create a Device Tree Board Support Package (BSP):
    SDK Menu: File > New > Board Support Package > Board Support Package OS: device-tree > Finish

Apologies again if this is me being an idiot again

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I meant to also add this background information, as I was following this.

File > Launch SDK. Once Eclipse is opened, go to Xilinx Tools > Repositories to include the new folder as a repository.
Then click New ... and find the extracted folder.

Go to File > New > Board Support Package and at the bottom, select device_tree. Default settings are ok to continue so click on Finish to create the project.

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I think I solved this with this answer record:


Re: Missing top menu bar in Vivado HLS and SDK (Ubuntu 14.04, Vivado 2015.2)

‎06-10-2016 01:20 PM

I just encountered this problem also.

After talking with someone else that was using SDK and Ubuntu, we resolved the problem. Thank you Bill!

The issue is that the menu bar is presented differently in Ubuntu than I was used to from using SDK in CentOS. The SDK menu bar is not on the frame of the SDK window, but at the top of the screen. With the SDK window in focus, a bar at the top of the screen will have the same title as the bar at the top of SDK. If you move your mouse over that bar, it turns into the menu bar for SDK.

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